The Titanic II is Setting Sail in 2022

Written by Lucyle Duvauchel on May 7, 2019

Same route, original ship, unique experience.

Fans of Titanic, this is for you! Get ready because a replica of the luxury cruise ship is going to embark on the same journey as the original did back in 1912.

Except for the Iceberg, of course, you will live the same dream of Jack and Rose in a few years, on the same route and a copy of the original ship. The other thing is that there will be more than enough lifeboats and lifejackets for everyone.

With a cost of $500 million, the ship will welcome 2,400 passengers and 900 crew on board.

As on the original boat, there will be a stunning grand staircase, with people able to purchase first, second and third class tickets.

The maiden voyage will actually be a two-week trip from Dubai to Southampton, followed by a repeat of the Titanic’s original journey from Southampton to New York.

We don’t know the price of the tickets yet, but it seems to be a very unique trip!



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