Howth Harbour installs plastic-collecting sea bin

Written by Brian Leonard on August 27, 2019

Fundraising for a cleaner harbour

In the bustling fishing village on the north side of Dublin, locals are launching fundraising events to clean the harbour.

Mother Nature has taken a big hit these past months because of wildfires in Amazonia, industrial leakages, global warming… So to counteract, this brave 11-year-old girl named Flossie Donnelly has decided to lead a crowdfunding project to clean the sea.

Flossie was inspired to fundraise for a sea bin when she saw a picture of one on her mother’s Facebook account after she had started beach cleaning and wanted to help the local marine life by collecting boat oils and plastic.

The workings of the sea bins are simple; a pump at the base of it breaks the surface of the water just enough for anything floating by to be caught in a net inside the bin. Plastic is then removed from the sea, and wildlife can live to see another day. We should all do like Flossie!

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