Giving Back to the Environment, Community & People

Corporate Social Responsibility


We pride ourselves on being a ‘Green Company’. We continually look at ways in which we can lower our Carbon footprint. We strive to operate a near-zero emissions fleet. The Gray Line Ireland fleet is minimum Euro 3, guaranteeing the lowest of emissions by European standards.

Our fleet is also equipped with the latest in fuel-saving technology such as GREEN ROAD, which on average cuts down on fuel consumption by almost 25% over a 12 month period!

With our repair and maintenance costs also set to reduce by 15% over the same time period.


The community is at the heart of Gray Line Ireland’s Core Values. We work together with local authorities to ensure our Day tour destinations are in partnership with the local community. Gray Line Ireland is currently a member of the Wicklow Community Board and attends annual meetings.


Gray Line Ireland works together with domestic colleges and universities to place students with interest in tourism, marketing, finance, supply chain and logistics on work placements.  We also facilitate international work placements and partner with colleges abroad to offer students the opportunity to work in our award winning company.

Also with the introduction of the GREEN ROAD technology on our fleet, it is said to reduce roadside incidents and/or accidents from 40-80%, something we pride ourselves on when looking to deliver a safe and enjoyable day for all involved!