Five Need To Know Facts On The Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Written by Brian Leonard on November 2, 2019

Giants Causeway Facts – Facts you should know before you travel on our tour!

Fact 1 – How was the Giants Causeway formed…?

So, legend has it that an Irish giant called Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) created the Giants Causeway to travel to Scotland. The reason he wanted to travel was to fight his rival Benandonner, but when he became aware of how big his rival was his plan soon backfired!

But not to worry, as the clever Irish giant had a solution. And that was to dress up as his own “baby” son, so when Benandonner arrived in Northern Ireland to confront Fionn in battle, he was greeted by the giant’s other half and met one ‘giant baby’.

Once he saw the size of the baby he thought to himself, the father (Fionn) must be massive and then retreated back to his homeland of Scotland, ripping up the causeway as he went…



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Fact 2 – How was the Giants Causeway actually formed…?

Well, around 50 to 60,000,000  years ago volcanic activity created these step-like hexagonal columns on the Antrim coast. As you can probably guess we like the other version a little better, as there is a bit more drama to it!


Fact 3 – How many columns are there in the Giants Causeway?

Now, this is a question we have been asked on many occasions and after some research, we can say the causeway is home to 40,000  interlocking basalt columns. Now, we have not gone around counting them all one by one, but should you have the time to do so… let us know!



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The Giant’s Causeway is absolutely incredible, and worth the drive from Belfast! Book a bus tour, rent a car, walk, I don’t care – just don’t miss out on seeing the Northern Irish coast and these stunning rock formations. It gets very crowded, so I have very few photos without people In them. You are able to walk and climb all over the basalt columns, which makes it fun and you get to see the coast from different heights. Definitely do not miss this when going to Northern Ireland! . . . . . #giantscauseway #northernireland #northernirelandtourism #discovernorthernireland #northernirelandphotographer #explorenorthernireland #purenorthernireland #lovenorthernireland #visitnorthernireland #belfast #nationaltrust #ireland_insta #ireland_gram #ireland_daily #irelandtravel #ukshots #ukgreatshots #uk_greatshots #topukphoto #naturephotography #naturelovers #nature_captures #lifebeginsat40 #travelbloggervibes #alwaysonvacay #weekendtravel #wanderlusttravel #discover_too #girlswhotravel #travellikealocal

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Fact 4 -How high are the Giants Causeway basalt columns?

In certain areas, some of the columns can reach heights which more than exceed 25 meters, so pretty tall. With most of the basalt columns hexagonal in shape, there are also some with four, five, seven or eight sides.



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Fact 5 – Is the Giants Causeway a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

It is indeed, it received such status in the year of 1986 and was then declared a national nature reserve in 1987 by the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland.


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