Core Values & Company Vision


At Gray Line Ireland, we are passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives through meaningful sightseeing experiences, everywhere.

We select the best independent companies to deliver consistent, immersive sightseeing experiences for guests around Ireland.

We offer the broadest range of tourism destinations and the most knowledgeable guides to deliver rich experiences in every Gray Line market.


From booking to boarding, we ensure the traveler’s journey with the Gray Line experience is streamlined, polished and enjoyable.


We Care
We care about making the world a better place, one tour at a time.

We Are a Family
We’ve built a global community of people dedicated to the art of sightseeing, welcoming guests to our hometowns and sharing our stories.

We Are Sightseeing
More than 100 years ago, we invented sightseeing, and will continue to enhance sightseeing experiences every day to maintain our position as the leader.

We Make Sights Memorable
Our high standards and constant improvement provide the coolest, best, easiest way to see the world’s most iconic sights and attractions.

We Love Tourists

We help people collect experiences, not stamps in their passports. We are dedicated to helping them embrace their inner-tourist.